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    Случайная книга
    Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers: Principles and Applications
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 3896 Добавлен: 1-10-2013, 11:28 Комментарии: 0

    Название: Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers: Principles and Applications
    Автор: Wilmshurst T.
    Издательство: Newnes
    Год: 2007
    Страниц: 583
    ISBN: 978-0-7506-6755-5
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 13 Mб
    Язык: английский
    Описание This book is a hands-on introduction to the principles and practice of embedded system design using the PIC microcontroller. Packed with helpful examples and illustrations, it gives an in-depth treatment of microcontroller design, programming in both assembly language and C, and features advanced topics such as networking and real-time operating systems. It is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing copies of all programs and software tools used in the text and a student version of the C complier.
         Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers: Principles and Applications is ideal for students of electronics, mechatronics and computer engineering. Engineers in industry and informed hobbyists will also find this book a valuable resource when designing and implementing both simple and sophisticated embedded systems using the PIC Microcontroller.
         Support material, including new and supporting information, links to useful sites, and errata, is available from the book's companion site.
    Крестики-нолики на микроконтроллере PIC16F628A
    Автор публикации: alex Просмотров: 8064 Добавлен: 28-09-2013, 23:20 Комментарии: 0

         В предложенном устройстве реализована широко известная игра "крестики-нолики". В игре принимают участие два соперника, но предусмотрен вариант, в котором игрок может сыграть против "электронного интеллекта” микроконтроллера. Игровое поле 3x3 образовано двухцветными светодиодами.
    Источник питания с микропроцессорным управлением
    Автор публикации: alex Просмотров: 20188 Добавлен: 18-09-2013, 14:07 Комментарии: 0

         Особенностью предлагаемого источника питания - наличие в нём всего одного трансформатора и никаких дросселей. В ИП в качестве регулятора выходного напряжения применен не привычный потенциометр, а энкодер, и используется двухстрочный жидкокристаллический индикатор.
    SD Card Projects Using the PiC Microcontroller
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 4139 Добавлен: 7-09-2013, 15:31 Комментарии: 1

    Название: SD Card Projects using the PIC Microcontroller
    Автор: Dogan Ibrahim
    Издательство: Newnes
    Год: 2010
    Страниц: 567
    ISBN: 9781856177191
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 7,4 Мб + 3%(zip)
    Язык: английский
    Описание: PIC Microcontrollers are a favorite in industry and with hobbyists. These microcontrollers are versatile, simple, and low cost making them perfect for many different applications. The 8-bit PIC is widely used in consumer electronic goods, office automation, and personal projects. Author, Dogan Ibrahim, author of several PIC books has now written a book using the PIC18 family of microcontrollers to create projects with SD cards.
         This book is ideal for those practicing engineers, advanced students, and PIC enthusiasts that want to incorporate SD Cards into their devices. SD cards are cheap, fast, and small, used in many MP3 players, digital and video cameras, and perfect for microcontroller applications.
         Complete with Microchip's C18 student compiler and using the C language this book brings the reader up to speed on the PIC 18 and SD cards, knowledge which can then be harnessed for hands-on work with the eighteen projects included within. Two great technologies are brought together in this one practical, real-world, hands-on cookbook perfect for a wide range of PIC fans.
    Microcontrolled Based GSM/GPRS Projects
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 5606 Добавлен: 7-09-2013, 15:26 Комментарии: 0

    Название: Microcontroller Based GSM/GPRS Projects
    Автор: Dogan Ibrahim, Ahmet Ibrahim
    Издательство: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
    Год: 2010
    ISBN: 3639249100, 978-3639249101
    Страниц: 197
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 53,7 Mб +3%(zip)
    Язык: Английский
    Описание: A microcontroller is a single-chip computer. Before the invention of the microcontrollers most intelligent systems were designed using microprocessors. A microprocessor is the processing element of a computer, consisting of an Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) and the Control Unit (CU). A microprocessor on its own is useless and it has to be supported by a large number of peripheral chips, such as memory, input-output, timer, interrupt logic and so on. Currently there are many microcontroller chips manufactured by various companies. This book is based on using the highly popular PIC16F887 type microcontroller. GSM/GPRS modems are used in all mobile phones. This book teaches the basic principles of microcontrollers and shows how they can be used in GSM/GPRS based communications projects. All of the examples and the projects in the book are based on the highly popular mikroC language, developed by mikroElektronika.
    The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller
    Автор публикации: alex Просмотров: 3070 Добавлен: 7-09-2013, 11:59 Комментарии: 0

    Название: The Quintessential PIC Microcontroller
    Автор: Sidney J. Katzen
    Год издания: 2006
    Страниц: 496
    Язык: Английский
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 38,13 MB
    Описание: The Quintessential PICR Microcontroller looks at one of the central technologies in many embedded computer and communication systems: the microcontroller. It approaches microcontrollers as the ?intelligence of smart digital systems and gives readers the confidence to design, construct and program a real working system using the popular PIC device as the exemplar. Written specifically for students with no prior knowledge of computing, electronics, or logic design, it is ideally suited as a textbook for relevant modules on Computer Science and Electronic Engineering degree courses. It is also relevant to students carrying out project work at final year undergraduate and postgraduate level, and to those on conversion MScs.Key features include:
    - The use of real-world hardware and software products to illustrate the material
    Programming 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers in C. (With Interactive Hardware Simulation)
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 3397 Добавлен: 7-09-2013, 10:43 Комментарии: 0

    Название: Programming 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers in C. (With Interactive Hardware Simulation)
    Автор: Martin P. Bates
    Издательство: Newnes
    Год издания: 2008
    Страниц: 278
    Язык: Английский
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 5Mб
    Описание: PIC Microcontrollers are present in almost every new electronic application that is released from garage door openers to the iPhone. With the proliferation of this product more and more engineers and engineers-to-be (students) need to understand how to design, develop, and build with them. Martin Bates, best-selling author, has provided a step-by-step guide to programming these microcontrollers (MCUs) with the C programming language.
    Microcontroller Theory and Applications with the PIC18F
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 3132 Добавлен: 7-09-2013, 10:00 Комментарии: 0

    Название: Microcontroller Theory and Applications with the PIC18F
    Автор: M. Rafiquzzaman
    Издательство: Wiley
    Год издания: 2011
    Страниц: 478
    Язык: Английский
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 8,7Mб + 3%(zip)
    Описание: Rafiquzzamans Microcontroller Theory and Applications with the PIC 18F has been designed for a one-semester or one-quarter course in microcontrollers taught at the undergraduate level in electrical/computer engineering and computer science departments. The students are expected to have a background in C language and digital logic (both combinational and sequential) design. Practitioners of microcontroller-based applications will find more simplified explanations, together with examples and comparisons considerations, than are found in manufacturers manuals.
    PICmicro MCU C: An introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in CCS C
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 5934 Добавлен: 26-08-2013, 23:26 Комментарии: 0

    Название: PICmicro MCU C: An introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in CCS C
    Автор: Nigel Gardner
    Год издания: 2002
    Страниц: 135
    Формат: pdf + djvu
    Размер: 2.8 Mb
    Описание: This 2nd edition book is a complete introduction to C programming the Microchip PIC micros with the CCS C compiler. The book overviews the ease of using C and the CCS compiler for optimization of your programming. There are many examples to get you started on using the compiler.
         This PIC C Programming book starts out with an introduction of the basics of software development for microcontrollers, then covers the C fundamentals, variables, functions, operators, program control statements, arrays & strings, pointers, structures & unions, before covering the PIC specific C extensions that the CCS compiler offers.
    PIC C : An Introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in C
    Автор публикации: Freeman Просмотров: 2575 Добавлен: 26-08-2013, 23:18 Комментарии: 0

    Название: PIC C : An Introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in C
    Автор: Nigel Gardner
    Год издания: 1998
    Страниц: 162
    Формат: PDF and DJVU
    Размер: 6 Mb +3%(zip)
    Описание: This book is intended to introduce engineers to the C language for designs operating on the Microchip PIC family. The CCS and HI TECH C compilers are covered in the examples section and reference is made to both compilers in the text. Covers the Components of C, Variables, Functions, Operators, Program Control, Arrays/Strings, Pointers, Structures and Unions and Examples. The text is littered with examples and exercises.